Subject: Should I Get My Man Back

Hello Steve and the morning crew I have a huge problem. I dated a married man for several months. We had a wonderful time together. We were able to date each because we’re in the military and he was stationed in the same place as I was and his wife lived in a different state. She is this high-powered executive and refused to relocate for her man because she wouldn’t make the same kind of money in a different location. Big Mistake! That’s where I came in, he was lonely and I was there we had a wonderful time together and even professed our love for each other. Everything was great until his wife came into town unexpectedly and she decided that her man needed to be where she was. My lover put in a request to be transferred to her area and the military approved it.

I tried everything to break their marriage up before he left me I wrote his wife, sent her pictures, confronted her and tried to fight her and profess my love for her husband. Still she remained with my man. He is mine! He told me he loved me and I believe him I think his wife use voodoo to get him to be with her. I am thinking of doing the same to get my man back. I miss him so much he’s been gone for several months now and refuses to except my calls or emails. He told me to leave him alone that what we did was a mistake. He and his wife are going to counseling to work on the marriage and he is happier than he’s ever been I don’t believe this. He is only saying this because his wife put him up to it. He told me he was going to leave his wife for me and I just want to make that happen he is mine. How could he say he never loved me and we were a mistake. Not my man! He would never say that. My question is should I use voodoo to get my man back from that crazy woman who took him away. I love him and I miss him

signed angry mistress

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