Subject: Let the past be the past!

Good morning Steve and Shirley. My wife and I listen to you each morning and usually agree with your comments, so I’m hoping you can help with my dilemma. While we were dating, I was cheating with my ex who is 20 years my junior and 13 years hers. There was a lot of lying and back and forth between them and there was even a time when we shared the same bed. I believe this was her way of “keeping her enemies even closer.” Needless to say, I ended that arrangement and married her (the older woman). Well we’ve been married 6 yrs and have been through “some thangs” that we both feel would have broken up the average couple. Two years ago, we revealed that we each have a bi-curious appetite. We both feel this isn’t cheating because it is a mutually agreed upon situation. This brought us even closer and I thought it would end her suspicious nature. I am very open to her about my encounters and even ask for her OK whenever I go out. She understands that it is just sex and there is NO chance that I’m looking to replace her. As I am writing this, everything sounds good, but it isn’t. If I go out to the store, laundry or to wash the car and I am gone too long, she starts the accusations and brings up the past. I tell her that I would be a fool to blow this situation and I try to ignore it, but it is becoming a bit too much. How do you suggest I ease her suspicions so she will stop making me feel like the cheater that I was while we were dating?


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