Subject: Is It Too Late To Tell Her He’s A Dog

Dear Steve and Shirley,

Three years ago my best friend married what she thought to be the man of her dreams. He was my husband’s good friend from college and we introduce them at a cookout. After they had dated for a year my husband informed me that his friend was also dating someone else besides my friend. Being the good friend that I am and feeling guilty for hooking her up with this two timing dog I immediately informed her. She brushed it off and said she was already aware of it and that he had ended it with the other female.


On their wedding day my husband informed me that my best friend soon-to-be husband ex was sitting in the church and she was pregnant. I was in utter shock and had no idea how to handle the situation not wanting to ruin her day I kept my mouth shut. Mr. dog must’ve spotted her in a pew because he was stuttering and sweating bullets luckily the female remained quiet and the wedding went on without incident every night I am laden with guilt because I know my best friend’s husband is scum and has a secret family she knows nothing about at this point I feel too much time is passed for me to say anything but the more I see him it makes my skin crawl to add insult to injury you can clearly see the other female in the wedding video. Was I wrong not to say anything and is it too late to tell her now


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