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Thursday, the State Board of Education announced they will be granting a waiver of promotion and retention requirements for Georgia Milestones tests scores due to online technology glitches.

State School Superintendent Richard Woods stated that although not all schools were affected, ensuring public trust is in the best interests of the students:

“I am committed to a responsible approach to accountability that ensures public trust in the process. Given the technology issues experienced by some students during the online administration of the Georgia Milestones EOGs, we believe it is best to proceed with caution when it comes to basing promotion, placement and retention on the outcome of the tests…While many districts tested online without a major incident, in the interests of our students, we asked the State Board of Education for a waiver of the promotion, placement and retention portion of the rule.”

This waiver does not override districts local policies for promotion and retention, it’s only for the 2016 Georgia Milestones administration.

SOURCE: Georgia Department Of Education | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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