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Donald Trump Hollis Doyle is in the lead, so Olivia and Abby have agreed that their candidates won’t campaign against each other until they bring Hollis down. But you know how Liv and Abby do. They’re still digging up dirt on each other’s respective candidates anyway, just in case the cease-fire gets broken.

Speaking of dirt, Rowan Pope actually delivers some dirt, that will crush Mellie, to Abby. It’s the news that Olivia aborted Fitz’s baby. Abby is apprehensive about taking the info, but Rowan is extremely convincing when he asks her, “What would Olivia do?”


We don’t get Abby’s decision at that moment, but you can tell she’s thinking about it.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Abby tried hard to sabotage Hollis by leaking news that he was stealing tax money from folks, and that he raped his second ex-wife, but all they did was shoot him to the top of the polls. With every indiscretion that surfaced, Hollis explained it away as crass as he could and kept winning his racist backwards demo over.

On the democratic side of things, Edison is leading in the polls, but he really wants to speak publicly against Hollis’ racism and sexism. Rowan tells him to stand down and let the republicans go for Hollis. The name of the game here is respectability politics, and Edison can’t allow anyone to notice that he’s a black man. On that note, Rowan aggressively suggests that Edison place Jake at the top of his VP running mate list. Edison declines, but later on Jake comes through and threatens him. Jake reminds Edison about that car crash he was in years ago and how it wasn’t really an accident. Now Edison realizes that he made a grave mistake messing with Rowan.

Back on the republican side of things, Hollis offers Susan and Mellie a deal: The first one to drop out of the race gets to be his VP running mate. Rowan urges Olivia to tell Mellie to take the deal and cautions that Abby will slit her throat the moment she has the chance.

But instead, Liv pays Hollis a visit. Liv pretends that she wants Mellie to take the VP deal, but actually gets Hollis to admit that even he doesn’t believe all the racist and sexist stuff he has been babbling lately. He goes as far as to say that he was just telling the people, a “certain demographic,” what they wanted to hear and that as soon as he gets in office, he’s going to switch things up on the dummies who believe in him. Your boy even called them “mouth breathing” idiots.


He wasn’t lying, though, but anyway…

Liv recorded that conversation and then leaked it to Sally Langston who let Hollis have it (you know how she does). That was enough for Hollis’ supports and donors to turn on him and to force him to suspend his campaign (if only real life were that simple, sigh…).

Liv paid Edison a visit to urge him to drop out of the race in order to avoid being controlled by Rowan. If he didn’t drop out on his own volition, he could at least share how he really feels about Hollis and allow the American people to decide (which most likely wouldn’t be favorable). In the next scene, he tells the press exactly how he feels about Hollis. He holds nothing back and even tosses in a #BlackLivesMatter nod in his speech.

Donald Trump Hollis Doyle is a thug, a punk, and the people who support him are thugs and punks, they’re not American,” he said. Yaaaaasssss!


Basically, he went in, and that is how he lost his shot at the presidency. We already know that America is not feeling blackity black people who could be perceived as militant and the polls reflected that. Edison’s tirade worked, and Frankie Vargas is the democratic nominee, but this might be the last time we see him again.


The war is back on between Abby and Olivia, so Liv calls a meeting with Susan, Fitz, Mellie, David and the entire gang. The point of the meeting is for them to exchange dirt each side has on the other and figure out who drops out. Liv reveals that David and Liz agreed to drop a major investigation so that Susan could secure the endorsement from Florida’s gov. Abby surprisingly decides to play nice and claims that her dirt was that Mellie hired a psychic to talk to Jerry after he died. Liv doesn’t trust it, but it’s enough for Susan to volunteer to drop out (since her dirt is worse), to later on endorse Mellie as president, and to later on cut David Rosen off…for real, for real this time.

Olivia catches up with Abby later on and forces her to reveal what dirt she had. It was the abortion info, which shocked Olivia because she thought no one knew, not even Fitz. But Abby revealed that Rowan knew and he’s definitely not done with her.

And you know she’s shook (as she should be).


The episode concludes with Rowan and Jake, his puppy/chief-goon-of-staff, harassing Edison. Rowan makes it clear that he still “has a purpose” for Edison before Jake puts the paws on him. Jake’s last words to Edison for now was to tell Olivia that he’s chasing the sun. Whaaaaaaat?

Next week is the season finale, and we will definitely be in for another wild ride.


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