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Was Serena Williams’ Waist Photoshopped In ‘People’s Most Beautiful’ Issue?

Serena Williams’ waist looked mighty snatched in People’s Most Beautiful People issue, so much so that her fans called the magazine out, accusing them of Photoshopping the tennis star to make her appear much thinner, the Metro UK reported.

It all started when Williams posted the alleged Photoshopped image of herself on her Instagram account. Within two hours, more than 600 comments were left on her page, mostly stressing how “distorted” Williams looked. According to the Metro, one fan wrote, “The one natural beauty who doesn’t need photoshop is the one they give it too smh,” while another said, “Not happy with that photoshop…you rock without it!”

Soon after, Williams replaced the image with one that looked more like herself, which was better received. According to the Huffington Post UK, fans gave responses that included, “Real beauty, I appreciate that,” Flawless’ and ‘Glad she took the photoshopped version down. This is GORGEOUS!!!”

We hope People and any other magazine know that Williams’ physique should never be retouched–again. She is perfect as is.

#Sisterhood: Simone Biles and Gabby Douglas Tell Today Show That They Are Not Rivals

Yes, some might think that Olympic hopefuls World Champion Simone Biles and 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas would view each other as competition as they both fight for a spot on the team heading to Rio this summer. But the two young women, who are also good friends, were very clear that couldn’t be further from the truth.

When TODAY co-host Savannah Guthrie asked if the young women were rivals as well as teammates, Biles was quick with it telling her  “Not really.”  Then Douglas tag teamed in confirming Biles’ comments.

“We’re not catty like that” she said.

You go girls!

In an age where drama and beef between women is welcomed and expected, this type of response, especially among women their age, is really refreshing. Yes, they both want to make the Olympic Team, but that doesn’t mean viewing each other as an obstacle that’s standing in each other’s way to success. There is enough space for both of these Black women to achieve their goals– a message that more of us need to hear.

We wish both ladies good luck at the Olympic Trials later this summer!

The Internet Not Here For The Racist Trolling Of Old Navy’s Interracial Ad

You would think that in 2016, an ad with an interracial couple would be welcomed as the reality of the world we live in, but sadly, some of us have yet to evolve. Case in point, this Tweet that Old Navy sent out last Friday promoting an upcoming sale:

According to Jezebel, some folks did not take too fondly to the image calling it “absolutely disgusting” and accusing the company of “hating white babies.” In addition, one man wrote, “This miscegenation junk is rammed down our throats every direction,” while another said, “Interracial couples are a fraction of US marriages. Who is the target demo?”


Thankfully, the rest of the Internet restored our faith in humanity, showing pictures of their interracial families, noted the Huffington Post.

In the end, Old Navy got the final say, telling the Huffington Post, “We are a brand with a proud history of championing diversity and inclusion. At Old Navy, everyone is welcome.”

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