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Almost everyone is at war on Scandal these days. Mellie Grant and Susan Ross are neck in neck in the primaries, with Hollis coming in third. Mellie and Susan’s rivalry means it’s really about Abby vs. Olivia, the power behind the machines and whose candidate can rise to the top. Speaking of battles, Alex Vargas wants Cyrus off his brother’s campaign, so he has been harassing Cyrus’ thot husband, Michael, trying to get dirt on your boy. But Michael caught feelings for Cyrus and wants to be loyal, so he tells Alex to stop contacting him.


The next battle takes place on an airport runway as Mellie’s plane is deadlocked with Air Force One. Both planes are trying to get to Florida to a major dinner hosted by Gov. Baker. Baker basically owns Florida, and an endorsement from her would be gold. However, Abby convinced Fitz to block Mellie’s plane from flying out because Gov Baker doesn’t tolerate lateness. The president can do whatever he wants, but if Mellie is late, that’s a problem. Eventually, Marcus talked Mellie out of a panic and told her to take matters into her own hands. So, she marched on over to Air Force One and stood in front of the plane until Fitz came out to talk to her. They had a good chat, but then the convo took a turn to Olivia. Fitz told Mellie that Olivia killed Andrew and asked how Liv was doing, and Mellie revealed that she has been acting different lately. Olivia isn’t running, forgetting to eat, not sleeping and generally not taking care of herself. Mellie sees how worried Fitz is and explains that he needs to move his plane not just for her, but for Olivia too.


Fitz got the plane moving and got Gov Baker to pardon Mellie’s tardiness, and the whole crew (Mellie, Susan, Fitz, David, Abby, Olivia and Elizabeth had a nice shady meal). Susan ended up winning Baker’s coveted endorsement (because David made a shady deal with her), but Hollis won the Florida primary. More on that in a minute…

Michael confronted Cyrus about cheating on him and Cyrus confessed. Michael, like a sad puppy, told Cyrus that he wants to go to therapy for the sake of their daughter. Cyrus told Michael that it’s James’ daughter…ouch. But Michael is a better father than Cyrus anyway.


Michael then told Cyrus that he knows more than he thinks he does. Cyrus basically put him on notice and told him to keep his mouth shut or he’ll kick him out. That basically drove Michael to Alex. with all the information about Cryus that he had been asking for, but Cyrus is no fool. Cyrus managed to leak photos of Gov. Vargas’ young daughter, who is in the hospital battling cancer, to the press from Alex’s email address. This was enough for Frankie to be done and he swiftly gave his brother the boot. But Alex is a baby Cyrus in the making, driven by power, so you know he ain’t going out like that, especially not with the tea he got.


Huck cornered Liv to try to convince her to stop working, remember to take care of herself, and focus on saving Jake. That is when she revealed what her father said he’d do the Jake if she tried to interfere again. Huck, like the true Olivia Pope stan that he is, wrapped her up in a nice big hug as she broke down and cried.

Abby confronted Liv in the wake of Hollis winning Florida in the primaries, demanding to know why she’s so mad at her. Olivia channeled her father and gave Abby a speech about how she “raised Abby,” and said she wants the White House back because she’s tired of losing. Actually, they’re both tired of losing, and that’s when they realize they must join forces to take Hollis down.

But how long will this alliance last?


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