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Following the birth of my 3rd child, I acquired a bad case of cellulite. The front of my thighs and back of my legs were full of dimples and my legs looked a little disfigured. For awhile, I thought that the damage was done and I’d have to live with my “droopy” legs. However, strength training ended up being the perfect solution to my problem.

Over several months, the cellulite on my legs began to slowly disappear. The more lunges, squats and dead lifts I did, the smoother my skin got. Before I knew it, nearly ALL of the cellulite was GONE.

According to bodybuilding.com, Strength Training is an important element in reducing the appearance of cellulite because it increases muscle tone and decreases total body fat. So, before you limit your exercise program to just cardio, add some strength training to maximize your results.

Next time you’re in the gym, try these moves to help target stubborn cellulite.


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