Subject: I will never know if he really cheated

Dear Steve and Shirley, I need your help. I just lost my husband of 16 years. We had a great relationship. After his death, I was going thru his phone to let people know of his demise and this one name kept popping up. I reached out to this individual to let her know he died and to find out who she was and what she was to my man. She informed me that they had been in a relationship for 5 years and they loved each other. This is the thing, he never showed any signs of cheating. No late night phone calls, no women calling my home, no being out for days at a time, and when he was away from home, which wasn’t often, he kept in constant contact with me. His Love for me never waned, in fact, I felt more loved. He took very good care of me. I don’t know when he found the time to see this woman or why she thinks he was in love with her. It seems like he hardly ever saw her. Now I have this info and I’m feeling some kind of way about it. How do I process this?


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