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The drama starts right at the episode’s opener. Abby found out that the reporter that Fitz had been sleeping with has been visiting Andrew, the old vice president that had Olivia kidnapped, in the hospital. Andrew is wheelchair-bound, but he learned how to speak again after suffering a stroke caused by Huck, and he’s using that voice to feed all kinds of scandalous information to that reporter. He’s mainly rehashing the whole Fitz going to war over Olivia situation (the West Angola war), which obviously isn’t good.

This brought Elizabeth, Olivia, Mellie, Cyrus, Abby, Fitz and David back together to figure something out quickly. They need a plan that doesn’t involve anyone killing Andrew (Olivia explicitly warned Huck not to take matters into his own hands). Their first plan involved Mellie, Andrew’s old flame, going to sweet talk to him, but of course that didn’t work.

So…Huck kidnapped Andrew and brought him to a secret chamber underneath the White House, where Olivia tried to talk sense into him, but he kept trolling them. At first he agreed to keep quiet for $10 millie plus Olivia agreeing to representing him in the book deal that he planned to obtain. Then, on the day of the transfer, Andrew said he actually needed 20 billion instead.


It’s back to the drawing board. It’s also important to note that seeing Andrew has triggered Olivia’s traumatic memories of being kidnapped. She has been having flashbacks of that event throughout this entire episode and clearly never got the therapy she desperately needs.


Fitz then decided to just own his part and spin a story about how he orchestrated everything in a way that wouldn’t expose anyone else involved, even bishy Andrew. Abby was pissed at this idea because she’s not trying to lose her job anytime soon. Remember, she has been seduced by power and will stop at nothing to become the new Cyrus.

She tried to convince Olivia to talk Fitz out of it, but Liv thinks Fitz’s plan is a good idea and tells Abby that if all else fails, she can be a gladiator again. Abby is not happy about that. Meanwhile, Jake, who tapped the reporter’s phone and computer (you know how he does), came through with intel that the story shifted focus from the West Angola situation to Mellie Grant’s affair with Andrew. This could obviously destroy Mellie’s chances of winning the presidency. Seems like something Elizabeth would do, right? But nope, turns out it was Abby who caused the story shift because she’s not trying to be a gladiator again and refuses to let Fitz take any hits to his reputation.

Olivia confronted Abby, but it’s a new day. Abby admitted what she did and even got security to revoke Olivia’s pass to the White House. Wow. Cold blooded!


Olivia confronted Andrew to see if she could talk sense into him one last time, and that conversation definitely didn’t go well. Basically, he started talking real greasy to her. He called her a slut, and every other vile name in the book, and talked about how he plans to destroy her. Basically, he triggered her traumatic flashbacks again and it didn’t turn out good for him.


Olivia, amid her flashbacks, starts to beat him to death with a chair…Negan-style.

But who really feels bad for Andrew?


This is the first time Liv actually lost her cool on the job, but Fitz came through to comfort her. Abby walks in and is stunned by what happened, but Liv reclaimed her power. She told Abby that she had an hour to release a press release about Andrew’s death and to convince the reporter that there is no story to be released. She left with one warning to Abby, which was to never cross her again.


Andrew still went out a hero, as disgusting as he was, but the episode ended on another shady note. Alex Vargas has been spying on Cyrus’ B6-13 boo, and knows that something is up there.

More on that in next week’s episode.


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