Subject: Can I live with a big ole booty?

Dear Steve and Shirley, I have been dating a beautiful Hispanic girl for almost 6 years. I am a black man and I have a high booty like a lot of us have. My girl has a regular butt, and I like the way she looks. The problem is that she is impressed by Kim Kardashian’s and Nicki Minaj’s butts. She shows me pictures of big butts all the time and I tell her I do not like them. She is planning on getting butt injections this month and says that I will have to live with guys staring at her big butt all day. She also loves to wear the thinnest, see-through clothes she can find. I am terrified of how she is going to look with a huge butt in a see-through dress. She says the big butt is for her and I should understand. Steve, how do I tell her that I will leave her if she comes home with a big booty? I have invested 6 years of my life and I love her. We have a wedding planned for October. Should I just learn to live with a Kim Kardashian butt on my girl?


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