Subject: What just happened?

Hello Steve and Shirley. I divorced my husband of 9 years and for several years after that, I didn’t date. I finally pulled myself together and started dating until I met the one man I felt that I could open myself up to again. For 3 ½ years, this man and I have done so much together. We went out regularly to movies, clubs, diners, family functions and church. We took vacations together. I spent a great deal of time with his family and kids and he with mine. Well, my son introduced him to his girlfriend as my boyfriend. Later that night he told me that I wasn’t his girlfriend. He said we are not “together.” When I got over the shock I asked him what was the difference in our relationship and the relationship of a couple and his reply was, “commitment.” I ended our “friendship” and haven’t spoken to him since. Was I wrong to think that we were in a committed relationship?


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