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This was another busy episode of How to Get Away With Murder. There were a lot more flashbacks, but with answers this time, and Annalise managed to get immunity for she and her students just in case Phillip actually went to the police.

At the moment, Phillip is still just playing games with them. He keeps sending them updated videos of their various activities, just to remind them that he’s watching.

Wes is back with his psychologist, trying to unlock what happened to his mother, and we flashback to 12-year-old Wes with his mom, Rose. Annalise called immigration agents to pick her up in an effort to persuade her to actually show up in court and testify. It’s either show up or get deported back to Haiti.

Back in present day, Wes is still snooping around for clues and takes a moment when Annalise is spending the night with Nate to snoop in her house. He finds more clues and presents them to his psychologist. He is convinced that he is the one who killed his mom, but the psychologist thinks he’s misremembering fragmented information, which is common with people who have experienced and buried something traumatic. She thinks the suicide theory about his mom is true.

We flash back to Kid Wes in the car with his mom, who is trying to skip town. Kid Wes doesn’t want to leave so he jumps out o f her moving vehicle and runs away. Then, we cut to Wes discovering his mom’s body from another angle (where the knife was already in her neck), and we see Annalise running away from the scene of the crime. We know she protects murderers, but does this mean she actually his one? Hold up…

We get another flashback of Annalise in her client’s office being informed that Wes’ mom skipping town. Annalise says she’ll go over to Rose’s apartment to talk to her, and the client tells Annalise to tell Rose that if she wants to protect her son then she has to protect his. You already know that Annalise doesn’t like threats. She tells him that if he touches Wes then his son goes to jail, and this is where we get to her visit with Rose. Rose is obviously too afraid to testify, and given the aforementioned threat, we get why she’s scared. She starts to panic because Wes hadn’t returned home yet and then believes that it’s too late for her because “Wes is dead,” so she stabs herself. Annalise dashes out of the apartment, and Kid Wes returns to find his mother dying, but seemingly still conscious. He removes the knife from her neck, which obviously makes it worse, and he calls 911.

Back in the present day, Annalise is at Wes’ apartment to finally face off with him, but he’s not home. Annalise gets a call from Eve, saying that Wes is at her place trying to get answers, and that’s when Phillip jumps out and tackles her to the ground. Game on.

Next week we will finally find out what happened to Annalise’s baby.


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