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Subject: Good man, Horrible Sex

Dear Morning Show Crew, I have been dating this man for over 2 years now. He is wonderful in every aspect except 2: Hes not romantic and the sex is horrible. Hes 35, Im 29. He takes good care of me, we have great coversations and we hardly ever argue. I have told hime on many occasions how I felt. Ive given him hints on how to be romantic, Ive tried sugar-coating things,Ive also been direct and told him straight up what I want. He says that he doesnt feel like a man right now because of the fact that he lost his job and cant do for me all of the things he once did. I completely understand that but I would still like to feel like a woman should. I havent had a big moment in bed from him in over 2 months. I even asked him 2 hold me one nite and kiss me & tell me Im beautiful. He turned over & went to sleep. I didnt even want to have sex that nite I just wanted intimacy. Im not an ugly woman and have men hitting on me everywhere I go. But I dont want other men I just want the 1 I have to step up. Any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated.


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