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Return of the dead beat

Dear Steve Harvey morning show family,

My son was conceived during a one-night-stand. I have tried to get to know his father after the fact so we can have a cordial relationship for our son. He came around and met our son for the first time a few months after he was born. He was consistent about being around for a few months, then he stopped coming around altogether. After trying to be friendly and trying to reach out, I stopped and decided that my son is better off without him. His mother and grandmother contact me consistently and come to visit him on a regular basis. His mother told me that he said he was unsure if we even slept together. Now, all of a sudden, he has been telling his mother that he wants to start giving me money every two weeks. I’m not going to accept it. I have alot of pride. Also I believe that he is only wanting to pay because he recently started a new job and is fearful of me putting him on child support. I don’t want his money AT ALL. I have it set in my mind that he will never be in my son’s life. With him wanting to give me the money, I’m sure he will want to start spending time with my son. I don’t think he deserves to because I didn’t have the option of deciding when I wanted to be a parent like he thinks he does. And to be clear, I’m not bitter. I literally don’t think about him and again I think it’s a blessing that he doesn’t come around. However, I am a believer in Jesus Christ and a part of me feels convicted by this situation. Do you all think I should give him a chance? What approach do you all think I should take and should his father not show consistency, do you think I should keep my son away from him for good? I am not trying to keep my son away from him to be vengeful, I just want to protect my son. He has special needs and cannot talk. Therefore I am very protective because if someone mistreats him or hurts him, he isn’t able to tell me. I torn because my spiritual self is conflicting with my natural instinct as a mother. What would you advise?


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