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Subject: Pimpin Ain’t Easy

This my second time writing you Steve. I really hope you can get to me. Here is my problem. My uncle and his wife has been staying with me for a couple of months now. He has raised me since i was a little boy. I’m 29 now. As my uncle has been out looking for work his wife has been looking for work also, but in a different way. We slept together a couple of times. She stressed to me that she needed money so i started pimping her to a few buddies but now she’s really on the track. Now she’s telling me that the money is so good that she doesn’t want to stop.. My uncle has now clue. Should i keep this between her and i or should i let my uncle know. I mean, i kinda feel bad knowing that he’s out all day grinding for them to get back on their feel. Help me out bro


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