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Subject: My Husband donated his sperm to his ex

Hello Steve & Shirley, I just found out that my husband has a 2yr old child with his ex-wife. When I confronted him about the child he told me it wasn’t his child it was a “tube baby”, He says she is a product of IVF and he has documentation to prove it. When i asked him why with his ex-wife he just said that she asked him to donate his sperm and that she was his first wife and never been with no other man but him, so he agreed. He says he has no ties with this baby or his ex, because she is a single parent and it was in agreements. Of course I don’t believe it, I left him. We been married 4yrs and I always spoke about having children he would say the lord would provide them when it’s the right time. In depression and contemplating suicide, now he realizes what he lost and wants me back. He says if he can only turn back time he never had the intentions of hurting the only special thing that ever happened in his life. I spoke to him about divorce. It’s been very difficult to make a wise decision because deep down I still love him. I need advice and someone else’s opinion to make a final decision.

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