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She is the problem!

Dear Shirley, Steve, Carla and Tommy Well I have been in a beautiful relationship for 4 years and he has finally popped the question. Me and my fiance have been going thru some problems the last couple weeks and its all because of his ex-girlfriend. Now for the last 4 years she have never talked to him or nothing, now since we are engaged now she wants him back. He clams he is not speaking to her and dont remember the last time he did but me being as smart as I am im not dumb, a man is going to be a man no matter what. So we argued and had a mini fight about the situation. She plays on my phone and sends me messages thru facebook, like “What have he done for u that make u want marry him, he gone still cheat on you.” I have never told him about these messages because I think it is pointless. She doesn’t bother me too much to leave him but she is messing up my relationship. What should I do.

Signed A Soon To Be Loving Wife

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