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Husband Mid Life Crisis

I love your show and value your opinion. I have been married 21 years, together about 28. My husband was my first real boyfriend and I was his second marriage. Last year he started to have a mid-life crisis I think. He stopped paying the mortgage, I found out a year later. He started dressing more, spending on himself and just being mean to me. I begged him to stay together until my youngest finished high school next year. He told me to do what I want. I told him I was going to file because I did not know how else to protect myself. He has not given me money then I heard him on the phone with a woman booking a trip that I later found out was to Jamaica the day after Christmas! When I confronted him he starts yelling and telling me he doesn’t have to tell me anything. He is still in the home and I moved him to the basement. My kids are upset and hurt. Could he be doing all of this because of another woman or is this just a temporary mid-life that he will come through? I still love him and I told him so, but he knows that I feel he is verbally abusive which he always has been and has a short temper. He just doesn’t seem interested in working it out. I never cheated, went out or did anything for myself. My life was all about my kids and maybe that bothered him I don’t know. I told him I wanted to work it out and that I forgave his infidelities and he just kept watching tv and told me to do what I want. I know he still loves me deep down but he just seems to want out of his life. I don’t want to date other people. Should I just move on now and forget him and proceed with the divorce? It is not what I want but I have no choice. he never mentioned the word divorce, I think he just thought he was going to keep doing what he wanted going out and living like a single person while still expecting me to cook and be a wife.


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