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Subject: I still have a heart but heck no!

Dear Steve and Shirley

I dated this man and I moved in with him. After standing there for six months other women started to come up. Yes you know the story. Oh they just want to end what we got and a host of other lies. What change things for me was a woman came to our house telling me about her relationship with him. What did it for me was she said he told her he was just using me to pay his bill. She told me what bills I was paying so I knew she was telling the truth. When he came home I asked him about it you know he started to lie right off the bat. I told him I was not paying another bill! So for the last 13 months I stayed there I didn’t pay anything. He came to me once or twice. I told him to ask the other women since they were getting everything I was getting time, flowers, sex. Well after I saved enough money to do me I moved out. Now he is about to lose everything house and car he called me and asked me to help him I told him no because when I was trying to help you, you was helping yourself! Some people say I’m wrong I say hell you help you try to play me and playing himself so what do y’all think?


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