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At first you get nervous when Mama Joyce pops up on your TV screen during the intro scene of tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, Mama Joyce for the most part, seems to have retired her broom (for now), and is getting along with most people in Kandi’s life, surprisingly. During a mother-daughter outing, Mama Joyce offered to speak to Phaedra on Kandi’s behalf in an effort to get their friendship back on track. We’re all nervous about this because seemingly innocent “discussions” tend to go left a lot on this show.


Meanwhile, Kenya is still trying to milk a story line about her now redundant family issues. She thinks it’s a good idea to organize a family reunion in Detroit between her maternal and paternal sides of the family. Her father, Aunt Sisqo, and other relatives are present on the road trip that she takes to the D, where she rehashes the drama with her mom not wanting her. According to Papa Kenya, Kenya’s mom didn’t want Kenya because she was an illegitimate child and her own father didn’t approve. So, to get back in her father’s good graces, she ditched the life she created out of wedlock, smh. Despite this and the fact that Kenya’s mom still wanted nothing to do with her, Kenya took a detour to her mom’s home, and everyone on the bus watched as her mom refused to open the door. Kenya’s father suggested that she finally give this up since they’ve been down this road before, and Kenya agreed that this was the last time. And now it makes so much more sense why Kenya is pretty terrible. Anyway, the family reunion went well, though, despite the fact that no one from her mother’s side (except Aunt Sisqo) bothered to show up.


Porsha has been acting like a jerk toward Lauren since she revealed that she was pregnant. Porsha tried to convince herself that she was mad at Lauren for “falling off on her work duties” (Lauren missed a couple of package deliveries and asked to work more from home), but during a heart-to-heart, Lauren confronted Porsha about her negative behavior, and the alleged root of the problem was that Lauren didn’t reveal her pregnancy fast enough, aka Porsha was jealous and didn’t know how to articulate it, or didn’t want to admit it.


Lauren even said that she hesitated to mention the pregnancy because of Porsha previously working hard to have a baby (remember, she had a miscarriage, and then she and Kordell were doing fertility treatments) before ultimately getting a divorce, which was obviously also devastating. Porsha claimed that she has let all of that go, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t jealous. Little sis just had to check her on it.

Tonight’s episode recap wraps up with Mama Joyce and Phaedra’s highly anticipated conversation. It went surprisingly well. Mama Joyce and Phaedra kept it cute while Mama Joyce explained that she’s worried about Kandi due to her high-risk pregnancy, and that really just wants Phaedra and Kandi to get their friendship back on track since they used to be genuine friends. In the end, Mama Joyce even asked Phaedra for some help in planning Kandi’s baby shower since Phaedra is known for her over-the-top events (cut to Ayden’s first birthday party, the sip ‘n see, etc). Phaedra suggested a “Coming to Atlanta” theme inspired by, you guessed it, “Coming to America.” Meeting productive, and crisis averted for now.


Judging from the looks of next week’s previews, Phaedra is not going to be happy about the video she got back from Todd, so it’s safe to say that the drama will be back on.


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