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Young woman blowing confetti

So Kendrick got the nod

Of song of the year

From the motherf*cking President

Now that’s a motherf*cking ear

Knowing you got POTUS in your pocket

11 Grammy nods

Shit if this ain’t Kendrick’ys year

I don’t know shit, we just bods

K’la the lyricist

Spoke about love all year long

Potently, womanly

The Gospel dropped to right some wrong

Azealia Beefed with everyone

Including Global Grind

That’s when I stepped in with a tweet

Shit, you know, I got my pride

Hov, Nicki, Madonna

And some other players made some moves

TIDAL’s what that shit’s called

Still don’t know enough to peruse

Trump made his mark

As dumb-ass of the year

I say that shit honestly

I ain’t got nothin’ to lose, hope you’re all ears

Meek’s threatened with more jail

Nicki’s standing by his side

Hope he doesn’t see another minute in a cell

He’s helped me on too many rides

Exposed to more than I’d care

To share with you in this wrap-up poem

So ill keep this shit fresh

Like it’s the 90’s bitches and I’m mothaf*ckin Prince, roamin’

2015 had music

released and unreleased

both that shit is dope

but which one you think is the real crack? Please.

Rihanna had us yellin’

“B*tch better have my money” with ease

Releasing Anti in the dopest way

That shit gives me goosebumps—happy line crease

Nicki’s Pinkprint toured in its own right

Cole’s Forest Hills Drive this summer too

I kinda went to both concerts

Highlights of my summer really it’s true

Started working on The Grind in April

Got thrown into a cell for what I said

If you don’t believe me it’s cool

It’s just I lost some time, but never turned red

‘Cause I still kept up

When I was there it was mainstream time

When I was on my own

It was media interaction more sublime

We’re addicted to our phones

Just check out people on the streets and bus

That’s why I asked Azealia genuinely on Twitter

If GG isn’t reputable, then what is, love?

Damn I want to know what an artist has to say

Especially one has outspoken like her

Goddammit I am one

And only fuck with people who ain’t liars

But don’t we all feel that way

Who’s real and who ain’t

Who’s THUGLIFE and who’s fakin’

Who’s life for the sinning saint?

Dreamville made some moves

Republic Records too

Shit The Roc signed a Palestinian-Canadian

That shit was the dopest, it’s true

You gotta look at the industry

And see some dope moves

You gotta wonder in awe

And you gotta question every fucking groove

Or you can get lost

In the beat and the moment

Which one you think I choose?

Trini Dem Girls playing and im zonin’

But I got my own take

My own artistic signature with a smile

Released an Ep “Epiphany” on Christmas Day

Had my own shit to say, guerilla style

In 2015 Black Lives Matter

Was chanted throughout the air

Whether it was electronic or in Brooklyn

It was truly everywhere

Which is where it should be

Police brutality as it is

Saw a protest the other day

As an activist I just had to run past

Did you see some activism this year?

On your TL, in your real life?

Ferguson was 2014

But the spirit is as real as the strife

Trump took on ISIS

In the dumbest political maneuver of the year

So congratulations on your “disqualification” headline

Now let’s see them crocodile tears

Hillary is up for the spot

2016, will a female be the future prez?

It’s in your hands Americans

Vote for whoever you think will represent

Paris saw an attack

On the city of love

I cried over that shit

Don’t tell me I’m not love

Berlin, Nigeria

Turkey, Syria,

Where does the terror stop

It starts with you dear, I feel ya

Ya children’s rights

Is my true agenda

That’s why I don’t give a fuck

I’d invite you to come join and replica

Because it’s our only way forward

As a global community

I’m talking to you now

I’m a true Lupe ideological groupie

Fiasco dropped Pharaoh Height

That went under the radar but I kept my mouth shut

I guess you can consider me kinda like Charles Hamilton on XXL

Epic but quite, a little pissed off

You want 2016 to be different

Shit I know where we can start

Bump To Pimp A Butterfly

Play it for your soulful counterparts

Cole and Kendrick left us wondering

On Black Friday of all days

Are they going to collaborate?

And will that be the end of days?

February is going to be a dope month

I know a little bit of that and this

2015 was a year of learning

for all of us grown ass adult kids

If you didn’t feel the wealth

Of spirit in the year

If you didn’t hear the good music

Then of that I am truly sorry my dear

Because there’s so much I’m not even referencing

So much good music of which we don’t even know

Like where the fuck is Mos Def?

I know Talib Kweli is still fighting demons on the TL though

Bey slayed performance art as usual

In her perfect feminine form

Kim and Ye brought a narrative Saint into the world

Now that’s forward thinking—not the norm

Khloe wrote a book

Was splashed around in the media more than I thought was fair

But I guess that’s what happens when you’re a bad bitch in Hollywood

There was another bad bitch published too, it’s rare

Shoutout to Amber Rose

For bringing something to the stage that needed to be said

She may not be of this world

But shit she’s here so get off her areola, JM quote lead

That was the line of the year

It went well under the radar as well

“Get Off My Arealoa”, I’ll say it again

Janelle Monae thank you for that you’ve got the keys to the spell

Mack Wilds brought us back to the 90’s

He also had the male spot in the video of the year

Adele “Hello” is the name

You ain’t heard of It? You under a rock? You live in fear?

Straight Outta Compton riled up the youth

But was it enough to change the mindset?

Nah this ain’t the 90’s man

This 2015, let’s be real, a Grammy almost went to… I saw red

So mistakes were made

What’s new, we’re human right?

Cozz was breakout performance of the year for me

Look him up, you’ll be up all night

Yo, who can get this far into a poem about 2015

And not mention Drake?

Hotline Bling? Energy?

Man there’s a reason why they call it pullin’ a “Drake”

August Alsina

Gave inspirational interview of year

To Global Grind’s Brittany Lewis

That’s why I just don’t get a diss to the gears

If I think about 2015

And think about inspiration

Kid Cudi’s Ted talk comes to mind

You gotta watch that shit for the life lessons

The Weekend continued to rise

Angelina Jolie shut shit down at the UN

Dre dropped Compton

And the Kardashians continued their world domination

It was a lively year

An energetic one if you were paying attention

But maybe you’re about to wake up

When I tell you this lesson

Pick your thoughts;

And pick them wisely.

So on that note, let’s blaze some trees this New Year

And let’s raise our consciousness this year, highly.


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