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The crew is still in Miami, and the drama is just heating up. Everyone, except for pregnant Kandi, is still kicking it on the yacht, including Tammy’s nephew Glen, and his friend, and some of the other boo’s that got picked up along the way. Glen got snippy with Kenya on the boat because he felt that she was “getting an attitude with him.” At first, he had a point, because Kenya, in trying badly to flirt, came on really strong. However, later on we realize that Glen has a problem, and the episode gets summed up in the following few points:

Glen is Unstable (Maybe it’s The Liquor, or Maybe You Should Read This)

Glen got snippy with Kandi (they ended up back in the house at the pool after the yacht), claiming she had an attitude with him after he congratulated her (on the pregnancy), and that he doesn’t take attitude from people. Uh…Kandi doesn’t know him or the strange men in the house, and really, she responded cordially enough (unless there’s footage we missed, he tried it). She let it go for the sake of the safety of her unborn child, and the fact that he seemed crazy, but it was an unnerving experience for her.

Later on, Glen found his way back to the pool and started telling Phaedra and Kenya that they had attitude problems. Kenya, instead of getting confrontational, removed herself from the situation and ended up chatting with Kandi and Kim (who was sitting with Kandi the entire time). Of course, it came out that Kandi was also weirded out by Glen’s aggression, and Kenya said she thought it best that he left.

Kenya is an instigator, but she was actually right here. This man was calling women b—hes and hoes, then he called Kenya “lil b—h” after she told Tammy that he had to go. He looked like he was about to lunge at Kenya either to hit her or at least to get up in her face. Luckily, there was security to hold him back, but homeboy actually fought them too. At one point, he knocked his own aunt nearly unconscious while trying to get to Kenya. This was really about to turn into an episode of “When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong.”

Phaedra is a Terrible Lawyer (But We Knew This)

The fall out of this resulted in Phaedra, Sheree, Kim and Porsha blaming Kenya for the escalation, and saying that she was exaggerating. Phaedra, later on in the episode, had the nerve to compare what could have happened to Glen to a Mike Brown or Sandra Bland situation, and said that Kenya’s behavior was no different than a “white woman in suburbia” (this was even after Kandi had explained to the group that Glen was aggressive with her too). Who pops off on a pregnant lady? #BYE! Perhaps it was the liquor, but it still wasn’t normal or acceptable behavior. These women let their dislike for Kenya cloud their judgment…or perhaps they just have bad judgment period. The latter isn’t hard to believe, especially considering some of their choices in men, I digress.

This is Probably Kim’s First and Last Season

The next day, Kim left the group and went to a hotel while Kandi went back to Atlanta (you know Todd was pissed). Kim needed to be with her family anyway, after all the meltdowns. Perhaps she’s learning that this isn’t for her.

Porsha Went From Stepford Wife to Thottie McDaniel

The last night in Miami was relatively eventless with the exception of Porsha’s date, where she kissed her Miami boo, and seemingly forgot about her footballer back home–you know, the young dude she was allegedly serious about. If you recall, when we met Porsha as a married woman a few seasons ago, she wouldn’t even go with the ladies to the strip club during a girls’ night out. She literally sat on their bus the entire time. Now she’s twerking because the sky is blue. She obviously loves her freedom, because with Kordell she had none.

There you have another draining episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. I will see you next time for more pettiness, same bat time, same bat channel.


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