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How much time do you spend on your phone? Probably more than you should. I’m sure that there is probably an app for that–logging how much time you spend on your phone that is. While I am generally an advocate of spending less time on one’s phone — especially reducing the amount of time spent on social media peering into other people’s curated lives — I think if you’re going to be on your phone, you might as well take advantage of some apps that you might actually learn a thing or two from, that you can use to improve the quality of your day or maybe even your life. The following are 5 apps you won’t believe you’ve lived without, and that you should get immediately:


1. Duolingo

Duolingo is an app that allows you to learn new languages – for free. Sure it might not have you a fluent speaker in a matter of minutes but it’s a good way to get introduced to a new language or to keep up with a language in which you might already have a foundation. The best part about it? It’s format is done while seemingly playing games, but you also get help with pronunciation of things. It also has levels of learning so as you begin to improve the levels get more difficult, and your linguistic skills get taken up a notch.

2. Genius Scan

This is one of the most handy apps that will help you when you find yourself with official documents that you might want to keep digitally. Generally referred to as, “a scanner in your pocket,” Genius scan allows you to do just that – scan documents with the app which then transforms them into JPEGs or PDF files. It’s especially great if you’re trying to get rid of paper but need to keep information. Plus who even has a scanner anymore? And every time you need one, if feels like you can never find one…until now.

3. Viber

Whether you’re a regular traveler or simply have a lot of family and friends who live in different countries, Viber is an app that you should have by your side. Without spending your $$$, everyone who is on Viber can text, call, and share pictures with each other for free. And if need be, you can make in-app purchases to non-Viber users at a low cost. Moreover, Viber allows you to be visible or invisible so if you’re not trying to be available to your friends abroad 24/7, you can do that, which separates it from many other similar apps.

4. Your Extra Life

Your Extra Life is the app that you need to be that person who actually has hobbies and does cool things that have nothing to do with your job. The app has five themes: culture, gourmet, nightlife, altruism, and romance. And you get daily challenges that you’re supposed to accomplish. But the trick is you can’t fake it! You have to submit a photo and the community decides whether you passed or not. And if you do, you get to try new challenges. Perfect for anyone who wants to get out and do more stuff in their city.

5. Venmo

First of all, God bless Venmo. It is the app that will finally allow you to go to dinner with your friends and not worry about splitting the check or that one friend who is always skimping on the bill. Venom allows you to charge people for what they owe you, as well as receive payments. To use it, you sign up and add cards and/or accounts to it — your friends do too — and then you can send money to each other via the app. You can make it public or between friends and for fun, find creative names for what you’re charging or the payments you’re making. Say goodbye to the days of, “I’ll pay you later.” No boo, you’ll Venmo me now.

What other apps do you think people should get?


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