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Jurors will soon begin reviewing the sexual assault case surrounding Daniel Holtzclaw once lawyers finish delivering their closing arguments. The former Oklahoma City cop is accused of raping and molesting 13 Black women while on duty. He is facing 36 counts of rape, sexual battery, forcible sodomy and stalking. Holtzclaw could be served with a life sentence if convicted.

A group of activists supporting Holtzclaw’s alleged victims have been tweeting about the court proceedings. They say that there is a large crowd at the court, saying:





Last Wednesday, important DNA evidence was presented in the trial that could incriminate Holtzclaw in raping two of the women that have come forward. Like today, Holtzclaw broke down in tears while in court. It was the first time Holtzclaw expressed any remorse for his alleged crimes in the five weeks that the trial had been going on.

A forensic scientist found a mix of male and female DNA evidence inside and outside of the pants of Holtzclaw’s police uniform. The female DNA that the forensic scientist tested on the uniform linked to both the first and the 13th alleged victims who testified. One of them was only 17 at the time she said she was raped.

During a cross examination with Holtzclaw’s lawyer, the forensic scientist testified that it was possible the DNA from the teenage girl made it onto his uniform when the officer touched her arm with his hand. She also testified that the DNA didn’t match any of the other alleged victims or the woman Holtzclaw was dating during the alleged rapes.

Holtzclaw has yet to confess to sexually assaulting any of the women who came forward for the case, but he has admitted to approaching them during his shifts. The only witness the defense brought to the stand was the cop’s former girlfriend, Kerri Hunt. Hunt dated Holtzclaw for a year beginning in March 2014, most of which they spent living together. She said she never experienced any sexual violence with Holtzclaw or noticed any odd behaviors. The two eventually broke up from stress related to the case. It was Hunt’s testimony that prompted Holtzclaw’s first breakdown in court.

[SOURCE: NBC New York, News 9, News Ok]


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