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This week, a federal grand jury indicted four Louisiana St. Bernard Parish Prison officers for neglecting the medical needs of a teen mom who died within their custody.

In March 2014, 19-year-old Nimali Henry got into a dispute with the father of her 4-month-old daughter. She was arrested for disturbing the peace, simple battery and unauthorized entry.

Her bail was set for $25,000 however, her family members were unable to come up with the funds. Ten days later, on April 1, 2014, Henry was found face down in her isolation cell.

According to, medical examiners believe Henry died of a blood clot as a result of not having her medications for a rare blood disease.

“I tried to let them know about how sick she was, and they wouldn’t listen to me,” said Nimali’s older sister, Deshawna Henry.

Four officers will be held accountable for Henry’s untimely death. The grand jury has indicted Capt. Andre Dominick, Cpl. Timothy Williams, Deputy Debra Becnel and Deputy Lisa Vaccarella on civil rights violations.

Reportedly, each officer was aware of the severity of Henry’s condition but she was never evaluated by a doctor and she never received her medications.

During an FBI investigation of the incident, each of the four officers lied to FBI agents with conflicting stories regarding Henry’s death.

The defendants are currently on administrative leave. If convicted of the civil rights violations, they may receive life in prison as well as five years for making false statements to the FBI.


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