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If you’re with your family and “Big Mama” and them keep kicking you out of the kitchen, you might want to go see Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone’s new filmCreed hits theaters today.

I had the chance to talk with Michael B. Jordan about the film and asked if he learned anything about himself while training to become Adonis Creed. He said:

“I was sore the entire time. Ice baths were probably the most brutal thing ever, but it changed the recovery. I felt a million times better the next day.”

He also talked about his nickname, Michael “Bae” Jordan and ladies, he thinks it’s cool but he’s still getting used to all the attention:

“It’s cool, I’m getting accustom to the attention on that level. People knowing who you are. It always used to be, ‘that kid looks familiar, did we go to school together?’ When somebody comes up to you and knows your name like that and genuinely appreciates the work you do, it’s kind of cool.”

On this episode of Extra Butter you also get to find out more about Bianca, Michael’s love interest in Creed portrayed by Tessa Thompson (who gets to sing and talk with an accent in the film.)

Watch the entire episode up top.

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