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The grounds of Howard University, Washington, D.C.

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Howard University is still on high alert as the FBI is now waging the investigation against the threat that was posted online yesterday stating that students and faculty sympathizing to the #SolidaritywithMizzou protests would be killed.


The campus and its nearby Metro stations have been given extra security after an anonymous user on 4Chan posted racial slurs and comments that he would attack those on campus. Though 4Chan is known for having users post incendiary statuses that often turn out to be false, officials have been taking the threat very seriously.


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There have yet to be any reports of attacks or other hate crimes since the threat was made. This morning, students gathered for moment of silence to show support for other universities that share their danger and concern for racially discriminatory and violent incidents on school grounds.

Already, copycat attacks are popping up at other universities. Today, students at Fordham College At Lincoln Center in Manhattan, NY are protesting after a swastika was drawn in one of the school’s bathrooms. No suspects have been identified, though the university and the NYPD is investigating the incident. This is the sixth time such an incident has happened since 2012 and already two other similar hate crimes occurred at the university since the start of the semester.

The Lincoln Center campus’ school newspaper, The Observer, published a letter from the university’s president, Father Joseph M. McShane, saying:

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We are at our best when we are not separated by race, religion, gender, or sexual identity. All universities face challenges in creating and sustaining communities marked by mutual respect, affirmation, and affection, but our Jesuit, Catholic roots call us to be better. We are at our strongest when we meet bigotry by defending and embracing its victims. Though hateful acts like last night’s are deeply upsetting, they do not define us as a community nor as individuals. We will continue to repudiate such actions whenever they occur, and rise above them.

HBCU Bowie State University is also being impacted by casual racism and defacement on campus, as someone drew swastikas all over a column on a building named after a Martin Luther King, Jr.


The swastikas have since been removed, but not before students began sharing photos of the crime scene to spread awareness of the incident online.

Stay tuned at for more updates on the racial terror that is now plaguing our nation’s colleges and universities.

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