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Clip-in man buns are people. They’re here. For $9.99 (and all sense of dignity), your man can go from Chris Brown to David Beckham with the click of a Groupon button.

The discount site is offering clip in man buns for cheap, but only for a limited time. Apparently they’re flying off the shelves (yeah right) with over 5,000 pieces already purchased.

The best part of it all, are the instructions on how to wear said hairpiece. See below:

  1. Comb your hair back toward the crown of your head, in a similar motion to lacquering a reclaimed-wood coffee table
  2. Attach the man bun to your natural hair the way the lay public attached itself to Arcade Fire
  3. Use bobby pins to secure the man bun, decide bobby pins are too mainstream, use antique paper clips instead.

Oh the wonderful land of Groupon. Get your man buns, here.


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