Ladies Who Lunch with SWV

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SWV was in town for the Ladies Who Lunch with Majic 107.5/97.5 ‘s Maria More and we caught an off the mic discussion with them about the challenges of being mothers on the road.

We hear all the time about how stay-at-home moms never get a break, but Taj George believes working moms actually have it worse. Watch below:

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We want to hear from you Majic listeners! Do you think working moms have it harder than stay at home moms?

Take our poll below and/or leave a comment with your thoughts:

SWV will be releasing their album, “STILL” in January. The current single  “Aint No Man” is steadily climbing the R&B charts!

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Check out the rest of the photos below from our event!

SWV Visits Majic 1075/975
SWV Visits Majic 1075/975
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