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Subject: Too Many Men Not Enough Me

Just like most, I am a young woman with a terrible dilemma on my hands. I’ve been married for 8 years but separated for the last 3 years. My husband has cheated on me more times than I can count. I have accepted all of his indiscretion due to us having children. I even accepted that he has a curiosity in the same sex. Well when I found that out about 5 ½ years ago my interest for him decreased. I began talking with a co-worker and a few months later we began a relationship, which I am still currently in. My “husband” knew that I started talking with this gentleman and asked me to stop and I declined so we separated. I’ve been now dating this guy for 5 years. But for the last year we have argued every day behind petty stuff, mainly behind my marital status. Reason, I didn’t divorce my “husband” sooner was due to him carrying me on his insurance policy while I went through an illness. But I don’t want to completely give up on my husband either. To make matters worse, recently, I have started talking back to an ex and I have been secretly seeing him for the last few weeks. He is amazing and the reason we broke up before is because I went to the military. He knows that I am still married but he does not know about my “boyfriend”. He was my first everything and we have a strong connection. I don’t want to break anyone’s heart but I have to make a decision before I am caught. What should I do?


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