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Subject: Husband

Hello Morning show,

I need your help with this particular situation. My husband and I where on vacation a couple of weeks ago. This was his idea to take short vacation to California, I agreed. Turned out to be a business trip as well. Okay fine, Decided to go and watch a movie while my husband met with this person (a lady) to go over some business issues. As I was returning to the Hotel where my husband and I was staying I run into my husband and the other person. My husband and this other person seem in a rush and very surprised to see me back so soon. He introduced me to the person I said hello for a moment there was silence, my husband and the other person looked very suspicious. Finally I turn to my husband and ask is everything ok, he said yes, he and I went back to our room. I asked my husband what was that all about he said what. I asked him you mean to tell me you were with that person the whole time I was gone for at least five hours he states the was asked so much question he did realize the time.  Am I reading too much into this our should I be concern. Please advise I do not want my name to be disclosed please.




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