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Source: unknown / Steve Harvey Nation

Subject: OMG! He proposed to me from jail

Oh my god! What should I do I’m only 23 years old and I have always thought about being married with a few kids, but do I really want to be with a thug. It is killing me cause I really like him, I love his swag, and his dreamy eyes. But am I ready, What happened was I meet him about a year ago in the club, yea I know in the club, We talked a little on the phone and I seen him a few times. The last time we talked he really hurt my feelings so I left him alone all together, I say about three months later I received a phone call from this girl talking about he is in jail and needs to talk to me. I was like whatever OK, so we wrote each other for like 5 months, and I started to have feelings for him all over again, then I received this letter talking about I’m falling for you and would you marry me…! I’m like is he only proposing to me cause he locked up, I am scared and don’t know What to do. Should I give this Thug turned Good a chance (HELP)

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