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Subject: Sexless In The City

Dear Mr. Harvey and the Wake Up Crew,

Every morning I wake up and listen to your morning wake-up show. I’m a college student attending Spelman and on the drive all of you make me laugh. However, the question I’m posing to you is more of a serious nature. I’m a twenty year old virgin trying to live a Christian walk. Being a virgin doesn’t make me perfect, I know that virtue and virginity are separate entities. But lately I, and many girls in my position (both non virgins and virgins alike), are loosing hope in waiting on God. The pool of qualified bachelors who are abstaining for God BEFORE they meet you is in short supply – especially in the AUC. And daily it becomes harder and harder to tell fine, educated, articulate, and sweet men “no” simply because they’re not of Kingdom standard. It’s not difficult for me to tell suto-gangsta’s at Morehouse or Clark “no” (note: gangster’s don’t go to college – stop playing). But its harder to tell men in the church, active in ministry – sometimes in leadership positions, educated, fine, and kind “NO”. Men in the church are just as sexually active as men outside the church. If abstaining men are just as hard to find in the church as in the world – where does a woman go? I have my father in my life and was raised with a “Save Sex” mentality and not a “Safe Sex” mentality. My father is a good man, loves me, and adores me. I love the way he loves me and that created a standard in my life of how other men SHOULD love me – I’m worth the wait. But now I’m a twenty year old never-been-kissed-virgin and I’ve grown weary-in-well doing. Am I stupid to believe that if I’m patient that God will send me a kind, abstaining, Kingdom man? As a father what would you tell your daughter?

A Sexless Spelmanite,


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