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Minister Louis Farrakhan delivered the keynote address at the Justice Or Else rally commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March this past Saturday in Washington D.C.

During the three-hour sermon, Min. Farrakhan addressed a wide range of topics, including his proposed boycott of holiday shopping, the Black Lives Matter movement, human rights violations within the United States, and the call for 10,000 Black men to be trained by the Nation of Islam to stand in the gap in the African-American community.

Min. Farrakhan explained during his remarks that these 10,000 Black men would “stand between the guns” in an attempt to intercede in our communities to stop inter-community violence and police misconduct.

Farrakhan continued, “When we go in our community, to clean it up, guess who we are going to run into? We’re going to run into rogue cops and wicked Black people working together to suck the blood of the poor.”

He later added, “We’re going to expose all your rogue policemen, ’cause you know where they are, they’re in the Black community.”

According to Min. Farrakhan, the rogue police officers are in the African-American community for the same reason that former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson wanted to be in the Black community — “because that is where the fun is.”

“You kill us and blame it on another gang,” Farrakhan said. “But your days of having fun on our suffering is about to come to an end.”

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