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Subject: Infidelity Accusations

My live-in partner of 10 years found a pair of my dirty underwear and a pair of stockings in the laundry room and accused me of being unfaithful. It is not true. I rarely have occasion to wear sexy underwear or stockings and hate to do hand laundry so I just leave things in the laundry room and only wash them when I want to wear them again (and yes, it could easily be a year or more, I really hate hand laundry). We both work from home (I am 59, he is 69, we have two online internet sales businesses and I work very long hours trying to get things done and keep the business alive) and my daily outfit is t-shirts, shorts, no bra, and cotton underwear that can be washed in the washing machine. I have no interest in being with another man. He says that the fact that I got angry when he confronted me is a sign of my guilt. Don’t you think ANY woman would be angry (and rightfully so) if she was accused falsely of such a thing?? If not, what is a proper response? Soft and sweet? We have been together 24/7 for 10 years so he knows exactly where I am every day of the year, but neither of us have good long-term memories (a normal aging problem) to be able to go back through time and recall where we were over a year or more. He had shoulder surgery 2 months ago, hip replacement surgery 1 year ago and 2 heart attacks (within a week of each other) 2 years ago, so I have spent even more time than before, helping with his recuperation and his business in the areas where he largely “checked out” because of the psychological side effects from heart, hip and shoulder surgery. He is now sending my underwear to a DNA testing lab, which does not bother me since nothing will be found other than my own DNA, but the spending of $600 or more for testing is a big financial hardship. He watches your show faithfully (and records it so he can watch at night) so he would respect your opinion. He also doesn’t understand that his porn addiction (it is the most commonly viewed website on his computer) doesn’t help our relationship and that watching videos daily that deal with topics such as infidelity, cuckolded husbands and cheating wives is feeding his subconscious with negative vibes about me and about what a relationship should be. I am willing to discuss this on the show (although I really try to stay out of the limelight, public disclosure does not feed my ego), but if you answer letters on the show, I’m sure he would hear you. This is an unbelievable nightmare.Thanks for listening.

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