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Shirley Strawberry Reads the Strawberry Letter

Source: Steve Harvey Morning Show / Strawberry Letter

Subject: Should I Stay In My Place Like A Child Should

Dear Mr. Harvey and Ms. Strawberry,

I am in a serious situation it’s like this; for as long as I can remember my parents were together. Then one day my dad accused my mother of cheating, asked for a divorce and moved out all in the same day. My mother later found out he moved in with his new girlfriend the same day he left. My dad is forty and the new girlfriend is twenty-one, three years older than me. After he left we fell on hard times we were homeless living with relatives and how many want a mother and three children living with them. My mother worked part-time because she was a full-time student at one point she asked him to care for us temporarily because she could not, he refused. My dad thinks he is twenty-one he dresses like me and we listen to the same rap music he doesn’t like oldies or R&B or even jazz. Mr. Harvey and Ms. Strawberry this all happened last year and since then my mother has graduated with a BS in Social Work, got a great job, bought car and bought a HOME. Now here is the SITUATION; Daddy wants to get back and my brothers and I are totally against it. We watched her cry, lose weight and just be totally stressed out. We want better for her and just because he is our dad that does not mean he is the one. My mother works sixty-eight hours a week and is working on her masters on Saturdays. We feel if he comes back he will ruin what SHE has worked so hard to accomplish. Signed Be a Child or Be a Man!!!!

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