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Shirley Strawberry Reads the Strawberry Letter

Source: Steve Harvey Morning Show / Strawberry Letter

Subject: A good man not trusted

Hello Morning crew,

So I’ve been in a relationship with my fiance for 7 years now, and I can’t trust him. He’s never done anything for me not to trust him, but looking at all the men in my family and knowing that they cheated, I can’t trust him, because I feel that there is no way he’s faithful. I have the mindset that ALL men cheat.My grandfather, dad, and uncles all have cheated on their wives, and those idiots are still with them after they’ve been caught time and time again. I refuse to get hurt. I’ve never had a problem with females calling his phone or anything, but I can’t trust him. He does everything for me and the kids. Everyday he comes home from work or school, I’m asking him if he’s talked to any girls and asking him has he ever cheated on me? This is everyday. He says he’s never cheated and will put it on his mother,who is deceased, and his kids, that he’s never cheated. What am I to do? Am I about to run a good man away?

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