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Shirley Strawberry Reads the Strawberry Letter

Source: Steve Harvey Morning Show / Strawberry Letter

Subject: Love In Her Bed

He is tall dark and handsome and did I mention sweet. He takes me out and we have a good time with one another. While, he is living with his family and she is at work and his daughter is at school he invites me to his house where we make love mad love in her bed or should I say all over her house. We or should I say he took a lot of pictures of me in the raw and explicit. Steve these pictures are RISQUE, and I show it all!!! While since then (2004) we have remained friends but now I have a man in my life in which he is cool with. Steve we talk often and keep in touch in more ways than one. My questions to you are this. Steve why is he with her, if he continues to call me and still has the pictures of our time together? I slept in her bed and visited him often in her home? Steve, does he still want her or as I think’ she is just there to take care of him and to be in his only child’s life, you know how woman are, when it comes to keeping the child away from their father. Steve, her and his children were at my daughter prom but I don’t think she knows we were together, (this year).


hopelessly in LOVE in her bed…..

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