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Shirley Strawberry Reads the Strawberry Letter

Source: Steve Harvey Morning Show / Steve Harvey Morning Show

Subject: My Sperm Donor Is A Jerk!

Good morning all.

I know Steve you are going to give it to me raw, but I need to hear it from a real man. Me and my child’s father already have two boys together, and he claims the first one I trapped him or better yet lied to him. I did forget to take my birth control pills once or twice but I did tell him and I let the ball roll in his court. As you see that was the first one now the second one came by mistake and I was told that I wouldn’t be able to have anymore kids because I have a tumor on my ovaries that needed to be removed but,that man upstairs can throw (God). and I got pregnant again with son number two and since I felt he was my blessing from god I give birth to him. needless to say my sperm donor had a fit and didn’t want anything to do with him at first but now he claims him and loves both of them. Well now here is child number three which will be a girl and this ass is telling me to give her up for adoption or kill it or he will not be involved in any of his kids life. He telling  his sister that he has no daughter coming or no more kids he only has two. Now my sperm donor is telling my friends and family that I lied to him and told him that I couldn’t have anymore kids, I made him have sex with me. Now knowing that he doesn’t want anymore kids forcing him to have to take care of another mouth. Now I know I have my blame in this because damn the sex is great and I do mean great. now tell me what should I do now that it is too late to get an abortion.