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Dee Barnes & Dr. Dre

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Last week, Dr. Dre issued another apology regarding his past with assaulting woman. It was criticized like most public apologies are: Maybe it was just a publicity stunt. Michel’le slammed it as such earlier today (Aug. 24), and Dee Barnes revealed feels a little differently in a new Gawker piece.

Barnes said that although she believes Dr. Dre is a changed man, it’s very possible that Dre is indeed trying to sell a movie here. However, it is worth noting that this most direct Dr. Dre has been with these assault allegations: “Who cares why he apologized? The point is that he did.”

Since her last piece for Gawker, the L.A. Times published a script that did include a scene where Dr. Dre assaults Barnes. The caveat was that it was written so that Barnes would provoke him by throwing a drink in his face. She denounced that as a lie. “That is a fabrication intended to excuse his actions,” she writes.

The whole piece — in which she says, “Creating notable, brilliant art does not absolve you of your faults,” which hits the nail on the head — is worth a read. Give it one here.


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