Jeb Bush Speaks With #BlackLivesMatter Associates, Gets Shut Down At Campaign Event

Perhaps in the efforts of emulating Hillary Clinton’s activity along the campaign trail earlier this week, presidential candidate Jeb Bush spoke with #BlackLivesMatter activists in advance of a town hall meeting he held in Las Vegas yesterday. Bush’s camp released a statement saying that he and the activists discussed his goals in uniting Americans and in holding transparent dialogue with voters.

However, Bush was in for a rude awakening during the town hall itself, as members of the crowd expressed their disappointment at his conservative views on immigration policy. Bush commented on his belief that undocumented immigrants shouldn’t be given paths to citizenship. Furthermore, Bush went on to talk about his past “empowering people in communities that [were told] they had no chance,” yet seemingly sidestepped his work as a leader in establishing “Stand Your Ground” legislation. The town hall abruptly ended with chants from #BlackLivesMatter protestors as Bush scurried off the stage without greeting the crowd on his way out. Things got especially heated between two attendees, as a BLM protestor and a Bush supporter got into each other’s faces, flipped the bird at each other and jeered taunting phrases. Read more at the LA Times.

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