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Subject: With A Man Living With His Ex

I’m with a man who lived with me and then left cause he said his kids were suffering. We been together for almost two years. He says it’s for the kids but I’ve seen his text trying to fix it with his ex. He left almost four months ago and moved back to his ex and keep saying I just need till this and then this and then his family reunion. This is now the third time the reunion came and now he says he needs more time to make sure when he leaves everything is good with his kids and make sure it’s right. He told me that she said before she leave if he stayed and now it he can’t have his kids unless we are married and wants me to wait even longer. I told him I can’t keep waiting it will never change she won’t allow him to have his kids around me. He keeps telling me he is fighting for me and saying he don’t want to lose me but won’t move back cause of the kids and it’s not right yet. He tells me that he has to make sure it right before he leaves. But he left and lived with me for over half a year and then up and left when she went out-of-town to watch his son and never came back. I keep waiting like he says and each time it comes he had another reason that he had to stay. I keep saying it won’t ever happen now and he keeps saying it’s the kids. But when I looked at his phone it’s nothing with her about the kids it’s all about what she needs to fix it. He tells me that I should be happy he is giving me time on weekends and that shows he is not trying. I think she gave him sex he won’t deny or admit to it and keeps saying it about the kids not her. Am I stupid to wait or should I just cut him off? I tell him this is killing me that he lives there and I need to cut him off but then he makes me feel bad because he talks about how he needs to make sure the kids are good. I don’t know what to believe anymore or to do. What is you advice?

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