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Details Of Unreleased Dash Cam Video In #SandraBland Case Revealed

Source: NewsOne Screenshots / NewsOne Now

A woman claiming to have been in the Waller County, Texas jail at the same time as Sandra Bland is speaking out about what she saw and heard before her release, ABC 13 reports.


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“Once we figured out she was dead, they were all pretty distraught,” said the woman, who was arrested for a DWI. “Because they felt like they could have done more, why didn’t they put her in a cell with them?”

Following in the script of Alexandria Pyle, the second inmate, who asked to remain unidentified, said that the guards were “really nice” and just “doing their jobs,” so she doesn’t believe that Bland was murdered.

“Sandra Bland was in there for something she didn’t deserve to be in there for, and I think that’s what everyone needs to focus on,” she said. “As far as the guards there in the jail, they were really nice. They just did their job.”

Pyle said that she believes that Bland was distraught that she couldn’t get a friend on the phone to come and bail her out. She also believes that she committed suicide.

“She found out her bond was $5,000, and no one — she was calling and calling — and no one was answering, and then after that she just broke down. She was crying and crying,” Pyle said.

According to Bland’s autopsy report, she committed suicide by hanging. Bland’s mother, however, refuses to accept that narrative, insisting that Bland would not kill herself.

“When it’s all complete, the FBI, Texas Rangers, and everybody turns their complete investigation out, you’ll see that factual wise, all the conspiracy theories just don’t work out,” said Waller County Sheriff R. Glenn Smith.

Brian Encinia, the Texas state trooper who pulled Sandra Bland over and unlawfully apprehended her from her car after she declined to put out her cigarette, is on desk duty pending the outcome of an investigation, ABC 13 reports.


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