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Subject: He Feels Stuck

Good morning,

Quick summary of my son’s father and I. We met, and 1-1/2 years later we had a child. My son was 8 months old when he moved back home to the east coast due to major gambling problems. For 3 years we had a long distance relationship where he would come visit every 4-5 months. The plan was that as soon as I finished school we would come join him. I did the single mother school life, which was really hard. My son is 4 years old now and we are here. We have been here since September of 2014. We stayed in his fathers basement for 6 months and I will admit I gave him a hard time about it because he had 3 years to get it together and didn’t. Since our arrival, I have heard the following phrase about 7 times (my life is f****d anyways). He doesn’t care to spend time with me, he doesn’t sleep in the bed with me, hell he doesn’t sleep with me period. You would think we should be in love and happy because we are finally together, but I don’t feel it or see it. I asked for his support in the house and he says ‘welcome to being a woman’. Doing laundry, dishes, cleaning, and taking care of my son is being a woman and that I need to stop whining. While he sits smokes, drinks, watches sports, calls friends over, and sleeps on the couch. Mind I work just like him and our salaries are comparable. We finally moved from his fathers house and into our own apartment. We have been there for 6 weeks and he has slept in the bed with me ONE time. He told me to leave about 4 times within the first 2 weeks. I left everything boxed up and while he was at work I grabbed all my things and moved myself into a nice one bedroom apartment. I feel bad because he can’t afford a 3 bedroom apartment all by himself, but I couldn’t stay in such hostile environment. This man is 32 years old and acts like a child. He claims to love me so much and talks about marriage, but I think he feels stuck with me. Towards the end (2wks) I have popped out of my mouth and lost much respect for him.

I am a very attractive 27 year old and he is not stuck with me. I don’t know does he love me or does he feel stuck? Or does he need time to grow?