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Shirley Strawberry Reads the Strawberry Letter

Dear Steve,

I married a wimp. I didnt realize it before. I guess I was blinded by love. But all my life I’ve dreamed of a man who could protect me like beauty and the beast. But in the past I’ve been in so many bad relationships I guess I just fell for the first man who was genuinely nice and loved me. But after a year of marriage i see he wasn’t the one. Hes such a nerd and he’s scared of everything. We went out for dinner one night and a guy came to our table and started talking to me and I said im with my husband and he looks at him and he told him to give us a minute and my husband got up!! After the guy finally left, my husband came back and said im so sorry darling, I filed a complaint with the manager. I was so dumbfounded. Even sex is polite. Every 5 seconds he asks “Am I doing it right? Are you happy?” Im just at my endpoint. Steve how do I make my marriage work?