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After a brief hiatus last week for the “Yandeecees” wedding special, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 4 is back in full effect.

The theme for this episode would be aptly called: “people who don’t know their place in relationships.” From Kirk’s fame-thirsty artist “Ashley” going out of her way to disrespect Rasheeda, to Momma Dee thinking one family dinner will convince their skeptical loved ones that she and Ernest are meant to be, there was certainly no shortage of people jumping out of pocket this week.

Momma Dee

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Momma Dee and Ernest have dinner with their families to break the news of their plans to re-marry. Ernest’s mother breaks down in tears when discussing how she had to learn to forgive Momma Dee for sending Ernest to prison. Momma Dee apologizes and sympathizes with his mother, but her daughter Jasmine isn’t interested in a seat on the forgiveness train. Jasmine tells Ernest that she believes he’s an opportunist for so quickly returning to Momma Dee after she sent him to jail. Scrappy jumps in to stop Momma Dee from attacking Jasmine as their argument heats up. Ernest knows it’s going to take more time before they can all become one big happy family.

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Nikko says he’s been giving Margeaux some space since she kicked him out of her apartment, but he invites her to the gym to talk anyway. He tells Margeaux that she wants them to get on the same page now that she knows the “entire truth,” but she says it’ll take some time because she’s afraid of being embarrassed by his tendency to be a sleazeball. (Ok, ok maybe those were our words but, we’re sure that’s what she wanted to say.)

Margeaux says she doesn’t understand why Nikko is still protecting Mimi by keeping the secret that the sex tape was her idea. However, because she loves him, Margeaux is open for their marriage to work.

Rasheeda & Kirk

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Kirk stops by Ashley’s rehearsal in preparation for a promo tour they are about to embark on. He seems to wholeheartedly believe that hitting the road with Ashley to promote her as an artist is a smart way for him to earn extra income to get Rasheeda off his back about the financial debt that he has created.

Ashley chastises Kirk for keeping the new “office” a secret from his wife after he tries to check her for revealing the news to Rasheeda. Ashley agrees after Kirk insists that although Rasheeda looks good for a woman in her 30s, no one is checking for her.

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Later on in the episode, Rasheeda finds out that she can’t freeze Kirk out of their bank accounts as planned but comes up with another plan to build her business while he’s traveling with Ashley. When Ashley pulls up to Kirk and Rasheeda’s house to pick him up for their road trip, a confrontation ensues after Ashley pushes Rasheeda’s buttons by commenting on their home and yelling for Kirk to come on while they are having a private discussion. Ashley admits that although Kirk asked her to try to get along with his wife, she can’t resist stirring the pot because Rasheeda is so easily angered. Kirk steps in after Rasheeda threatens to punch Ashley for her increasingly disrespectful comments.

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Stevie is out of rehab and Joseline gushes with excitement about getting to reconnect with “Stevies” after their joint photo shoot.

Kaleena stops by the shoot to get some time away from home and talk to Joseline about her husband Tony’s new sketchy business venture. After Joseline warns Kaleena not to go in business with the man Tony has partnered with, Kaleena agrees and their conversation is interrupted when Stevie arrives for the photo shoot. Kaleena asks Stevie to talk to Tony about not investing their money into his club venture and then leaves so he and Joseline can be alone. Joseline tells Stevie that being away from him has made her anxious to get their wedding rolling and that she wants to have a baby. Stevie tells Joseline that he has to go to New York to handle his custody case, and while she’s disappointed that she can’t go along with him, she decides to stay quiet on the issue and get on with their photo shoot.

Joseline later surprises a grateful Stevie and shows up in N.Y. to support him in court.

Erica Dixon

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Rasheeda enlists the help of Erica and her mother to organize Kirk’s belongings for an auction as a way to get the money he won’t give her to further her business ventures while he’s away. She runs down the list of things Kirk has done that warrant her auction including his secret office apartment, his growing financial debt and allowing Ashley to disrespect her at their home… etc., etc.

Rasheeda says it hurts her that Kirk still refuses to get his act together after she forgave him for his hot tub antics and for administering a DNA test to their son.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Mimi Faust Birthday Celebration

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Arianne, Mimi and Karlie attend a waist trainer fashion show event put together by Dawn, where Jessica Dime is also a model. (Yep, #WaistTrainerFashionShow is a thing.) Arianne also brings her new girlfriend along. Just before the show starts, Nikko and Margeaux arrive. Mimi and Arianne smirk at Nikko keeping Margeaux “hidden” for so long, unaware that it was actually Dawn who secretly invited them all in hopes of some drama occurring during the event. This might be the thirstiest admission of scandalousness we’ve ever heard on this show.

Margeaux wonders aloud to Nikko if Mimi’s friends also know his version of “the truth” about the sex tape. After the fashion show, Mimi tries to keep her distance from Nikko and Margeaux but is unable to avoid a confrontation after Nikko brings Margeaux over to introduce her to Arianne and Mimi.


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