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Tamar Braxton

Source: Jesse Grant / Getty

Tamar Braxton would love for her fashion to become a household name among the a-list.

Givenchy. Kenzo. Balmain. Jacobs. Tamar wouldn’t mind joining that list of celebrities’ favorite fashion designers.

The “Let Me Know” singer has spun her personal style into a fashion line. We love the looks she’s offering up, but she told The Huffington Post that there are a few select fashionistas she’d want to rock her threads.

“First of all, I love Victoria Beckham. That would be amazing,” said Tamar. “J.Lo is one of my fashion icons too. Maybe [Beyoncé]. Rihanna. Everyone I look up to, fashion-wise.”

Should any of those ladies decide to take this as an invite to wear her clothes, they’ll have plenty to choose from. The Tamar Collection, which debuted last year, is packed with bodycon dresses and fitted blazers. She’s also designed some jumpsuits and sexy stilettos.

Tamar can’t just rely on three people to keep her brand afloat, though. Thankfully, it all comes at a semi-affordable since nothing in her collection costs more than $160. That’s chump change for Bey, but doable for your budget. That’s exactly how Tamar wants it.

“I don’t always want to spend the coins on designer clothes. Thank God most of the time I’m able to afford the things that I want. But the people that watch us on TV and listen to my music, they can’t always afford that, and I want them to feel fabulous as well,” Tamar reasoned. “That’s why I work so hard to make sure that we have quality clothing at an affordable price.”

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