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In March of 2009, Lil Wayne reported to Rikers Island for an eight-month sentence after being convicted of gun possession in 2007. Ja Rule was charged with attempted weapon possession on the same night in 2007 as Lil Wayne, but he was sentenced to a two-year sentence in part, because the gun found on Wayne’s tour bus was registered, while Ja’s had a defaced serial number. Ja reported for his sentence in 2011 and ultimately served about 23 months in Rikers Island. With the shared experience, the two multiplatinum rappers recently found themselves bonding over the topic of prison food.

“On Tuesdays and Thursdays, that was the only day we’d get chicken,” Wayne responded, when Ja Rule asked him about his favorite meal during a video chat captured for YouTube. “Ramen noodles…you crunch them b***es up, and get you some Doritos. You crunch the Doritos in the bag, then you get them Ramen noodles in there.”

The mix of low-budget carbs and artificial flavoring was apparently a penitentiary favorite for Ja too, as he chimed in, “Oh, the Doritos! Yes!” in response.

By all indications, the chat between Ja and Wayne will be featured on an upcoming episode of MTV’s “Follow The Rules,” which chronicles Ja, his wife Aisha, and the rest of the extended Atkins Family.

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