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The last time we left New York’s well-heeled hustlers, there was tension brewing between Chantelle and Demetria. That turmoil stemmed from Chantelle’s raucous behavior at Demetria’s book launch party.

This week, we continued where that left off as the episode opened with Melyssa visiting Greg and Demetria’s place to present the idea of a girls’ weekend getaway in the Hamptons—yup, with all the women. Melyssa’s aka “Switzerland’s” goal was to encourage peace and harmony.

Demetria mentioned that Geneva apologized to her for Chantelle’s behavior, but didn’t seem as upset with Geneva as Greg was, because the only person responsible for Chantelle’s behavior is, well, you know…

However, Melyssa and Greg felt that Geneva should take some blame since she invited Chantelle. But here’s the kicker, Greg was so over Geneva that he began to question her loyalty to Demetria, and later on in the episode called for Geneva to be disinvited from the wedding. Demetria, in tears about the idea, was not a fan of making such an extreme move and planned to hopefully allow Greg to simmer down and rethink his decision. Disinviting Geneva would be extreme, but Greg’s stance was that Geneva shouldn’t have been trying to keep Chantelle in the party knowing she was being disruptive. We can’t fault the man for riding for his wife-to-be.

Fastfoward to the girls’ trip, the pinnacle of the episode. Everyone came together, and despite reservations that there wouldn’t be peace (some were still traumatized by Mica-gate), no major meltdowns occurred. Demetria informed Geneva about Greg’s decision, and Geneva decided to make it right by apologizing to Greg.

Demetria also informed Chantelle that they weren’t cool following the latter’s stunt, and that was it…for now as the women avoided each other for the night. Arzo and Chantelle also successfully avoided each other, and no insults in each other’s faces. There was a petty dig about Chantelle’s dog smelling like corn chips, though. Speaking of dogs, both Chantelle and Arzo’s dogs managed to get along well. MESSAGE!


The rest of the crew made out well. There was a slight moment when Geneva was finally brought up to speed about Daisy’s cancer (it was necessary because Geneva was alarmed by Daisy not drinking). Geneva was upset that she was the last one to find out, and also because the news reminded her that she now had two people in her life dealing with cancer, with the other one being her grandmother.

However, despite the brief downer moment, Daisy’s bubbly spirit and courageous humility in dealing with her diagnosis helped to bring the mood back up to fun times. The night ended in tipsy truth or dare, and with Chantelle stripping down to her bra and panties and plunging into the pool. This was only night one so, hold your horses, because you know the era of peace won’t be everlasting.

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